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Can you find Rascally in this book? The second and newest book in the series of my Pete Rumneys fun full colour picture search book containing artwork by UK artist Pete Rumney.


A 70 page signed by the artist A4 coffee table picture search book for you and your family to enjoy. Can you find that Rascally Rabbit hidden in each page of this full colour picture book?


UK artist Pete Rumney has a growing number of fans and a keen following on facebook (53k + ) who have enjoyed searching for that elusive bunny in his colourful fun paintings. Pete has been painting his colourful fun art for 20 years and hiding little Rascally Rabbit in each one. He's easy to spot in some, not so easy to spot in others. Find him or not, wandering through the pages of Pete's 2nd picture book is a fun easy way to while away an hour or two.


Would make a great gift for a grandparent to grandchild, and search for Rascally together.


Each book is signed and stamped by the artist to prove authenticity, making a great collectors book also.





- Testimonials from customers of Petes 1st Rascally search picture book




"My book has just arrived, it is absolutely beautiful thank you so much and for very quick delivery.

I recommend anyone with children to get one, even if you dont it's lovely for grown ups too " - Margaret , customer



"Received my copy on Saturday and delighted with it. I had my 2 granddaughters for a sleep - over and they had great fun trying to find Rascally Rabbit and talking about the beautiful paintings! I feel sure it will become a family favourite. Thank you, Pete! Xx " - Pauline , Northampton



"I received my book last week and It's fantastic. Bought for my mum who has dementia and she loves trying to find rascally rabbit. The artwork is brilliant, love it." - Pat, customer



"I received our copy last week & spent a lovely time with our 7-year old grandson yesterday, 3 generations of us poring over the pictures trying to locate all the rascally rabbits. Some harder than others. It was great fun and challenging for us all, better still, no electronics in sight. The 7-year old now has plans to test out all his chums too!" Brenda , customer



"Spent 45 minutes with my 2yr old grandson, looking for rabbits. Longest he's sat all day! Lovely " - Jean, County Durham



Rascally Rabbit ®

Is a registered Trademark of Pete Rumney Art


Immediate despatch via Royal Mail 48





All work in this publication is Copyright of Pete Rumney Art ©

Find That Rascally Rabbit® Fun Picture Search Book - The Adventures Of Rascally

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