Doggy rescue!

I recently received a request from an upset customer who had a painting by myself that had suffered some seemingly irreparable damage. They sent the painting to me desperate to see if there was anything I could do to fix this severely damaged artwork with a tear right through the canvas and unfortunately all the way through the poor dog painted within. It didn't look good for the poor pup and I was unsure as to whether I could fix it. So the first thing I decided to do was to create a patch out of the same type of canvas and attach this to the back

I actually attached this just using white acrylic paint as a glue, since I wasn't sure how actual real glue would react to the acrylic paint the artwork was painted in. I knew the acrylic white paint would be fine though and is just a sticky as glue once dry.

I made sure to take photos of the artwork for reference as I knew poor doggie would need completely repainting. I began by first filling in in the damaged area with an actual wood filler, (an experiment that worked) and then sanding down before applying more white acrylic paint to that area.

It looked for a short period of time that poor doggy was to be no more, however I knew different since the really hard part was now fixed, gone was the hole, and the fun part was about to begin. I slowly began to repaint the patched and sanded smooth area and after several hours of work doggy had returned and looks happier than ever as you can see from the finished images. A successful doggy rescue. Best wishes, Pete

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